About Us

Urban Micro-Business Center

UMBC is located in Kargil Basti, the second largest slum in Bhubaneswar, India.

With little or no access to basic services or government support, human poverty in Kargil Basti persists.

With a particular focus on women and youth, UMBC is a one-stop hub for urban slum dwellers to access the facilities and training required to start their own micro-business.

Learn more about UMBC at umbc.org.in

Direct UMBC Impact

200 nano businesses created

20 bank loans provided

500 bank accounts opened

950 people trained in 11 areas

More than 25 community members employed

30 youth utilize the digital learning centre daily

20 children are cared for in the creche daily

35 children receive off-school learning support daily

"The programme integrates human resource training and local best practices with a 'supply chain' approach to working with industry... it plans to expand domestically and international, with a long-term vision of creating 1,00,000 employable youths annually. This reflects the institute's conviction in the significant role which non-state actors can play in addressing the region's skill shortages." -- United Nations Secretary-General


Our products are made by the community members we trained and support...